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The $AI Factor

We are Artificial Intelligence ($AI) Powered by AI tools to make your trading experience faster and safer on the blockchain. We believe AI is is the future, we are here to push boundaries and enhance your blockchain experience.

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Security for investors is paramount, which is why 100% of the liquidity is locked and contract renounced.

Make smart contracts easier to understand for the average investor.

Provide a safe and fast AI token mixer.

Produce a range of tools powered by AI to make traders lives easier and autonomous.

To become the most influential AI project in the crypto space.

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Buy $AI
  1. 1. Buy Ethereum from an exchange (Coinbase/Binance etc)
  2. 2. Install a wallet such as Metamask/Trust Wallet
  3. 3. Send Ethereum to your wallet address.
  4. 4. Connect wallet to uniswap and swap your eth for $AI .
  5. 5. HOLD!

In The World Of $AI.

Immerse yourself in the world of artificial intelligence ($AI) where the possibilities are endless. A place where AI tools do all the hard work for you, freeing up time and providing you with a better and safer trading experience. The future is here, the future is $AI.